AMA Metals Recycling

Anything Metal Amalgamated, LLC offers an affordable dumpster rental solution to families and entities who would like to dispose of unwanted metal items in an environmentally friendly manner. We accept any items that are metal or contain metal. We currently serve  Montrose, Tunkhannock, and New Milford.  We are happy to announce that we will soon be serving Binghamton, Vestal, Johnson City, and surrounding areas in New York State! Our dumpsters rent for only $20 a day making disposal of items containing metal reasonable and affordable!


Using our dumpsters will save you both time and money! Making a trip the garbage dump or a scrap yard is a time consuming endeavor. Dumping fees, fuel costs, and potential damage to your vehicle can be expensive. Our recycling dumpsters are conveniently placed and removed from your location, all you need to do is fill them! 


  • Anything Metal: Recycle household items such as small and large appliances, bicycles, lawn mowers, grills, swing sets, auto batteries, tires, and auto parts.
  • Appliances Containing Freon: We are certified to remove Freon so we can dispose refrigerators, freezers, AC units, and water coolers safely.
  • Electronics: Dispose of your televisions and computer monitors in an environmentally friendly manner. (additional fees apply)
  • Tires: We also recycle car and truck tires for an additional cost.


We are professional recyclers, fully insured and registered to conduct business with local, state, and federal government agencies (see Capability Statement). Our service is reasonably priced, convenient, and scheduled to fit your needs. AMA Metals places a dumpster at your residence, place of business, or clean-up location and picks it up when you are ready. Visit our services page for more information.  To request a dumpster call 570-396-1260 or visit our contact page to place an online request.